Peter Kartsounis

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Peter Kartsounis imagePrior to an ongoing series of “pattern paintings”, I focused for a few years on executing a range of works on paper – collages, prints and drawings. This was mainly to clarify directions in my own mind for when I resumed painting.

Collage, in particular, excited me. It fostered a process of breaking down and then reordering images of “the real”. It helped me develop an attitude of working in a direct “hands on” manner while exploring approaches and systems that automatically generated rhythms and colour sequences: this experience later informed all my work, paintings included.

One of my favourite series of collages dates from 2001. Two literal images, having no association as subject matter but carefully selected for colour compatibility, were sliced into diminishing bandwidths, the stripes of one narrowing to the left, the other to the right: these bands were then glued down edge to edge in an alternating sequence. This process resulted in surprising final resolutions, unified across the picture by unexpected harmonies of colour and shapes, the two original subjects combining to form a new whole.

All works in this series have been affixed onto board, with bracing at the back, effectively becoming little “paintings” ready to hang on a wall.


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