Peter Kartsounis

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Artist Statement

For some years now, I have been investigating the broad similarities between language and visual communication.

This is not about illustrating texts, or visualising the meaning and significance of phrases, or incorporating words in images.  My art is purely visual, but aims at unearthing (through process) universal principles of structure, coherence and fluidity similar to those embedded in all human communication. My art is without words, because I want it to work – visually - like every language, not any specific language.

Basically, this has led me to a continuous exploration of pattern in all its forms– the obvious, the underlying, and the only gradually or intermittently apprehended. Often my work is about literally discovering unanticipated patterns through reiterating small plans across a larger area, whereby visual systems are developed that the smaller scheme could not envisage.

Generally, my works do not aim to resolve single, prevailing patterns, but rather to create visual fields from which several patterns or rhythms can emerge in the eye of the viewer. For me, this generates a visual dialogue with as much openness to individual interpretation, emotional response and personal significance as any encounter with language could attain.

Fundamentally, my art deals with the puzzle: what do people mean when they speak about “meaning” or something being “meaningful”?

shim hive painting

Hive, 2005: Acrylic on canvas, 152cm X 152.5cm


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